“As well as the significant environmental advantages, I have no doubt that [Stela] LED street lights will also help to greatly improve the safety, security and the general environment of streets in the city.” Councillor Timothy Huxtable

Climate Change and the Environment

Ambitious goals for reducing CO2 emissions have been set worldwide in the pursuit of a sustainable society. In the knowledge that almost 20% of the planet’s electrical energy is consumed by lighting, we must endeavour to search for savings.

Stela delivers the solution to every environmental target set by the government and will revolutionise street lighting as we know it. There is no other product currently available that can match the savings Stela can deliver.

Stela is manufactured using a large proportion of recycled materials, especially steel and aluminium, and is almost completely recyclable. Its cleaning cycle is anticipated to be six years so will therefore reduce usage of chemical cleaners and petrol consumption of vehicles needed to make maintenance inspections. The design of Stela guarantees more accurate and uniform light distribution, which eliminates light pollution.

Compared to conventional high-pressure sodium lighting, LED street lights produce a longer-lasting whiter, brighter light source which also improves public safety, better object recognition and higher perceived lighting levels.

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