CO2 Energy and Cost Benefits

When Stela was launched at the beginning of 2009, bold estimates were made on the reduction of CO2 emissions it was capable of compared to traditional solutions.

Since that time the data gathered from installations and pilot schemes across the UK are surpassing anticipated levels by staggering amounts with Stela achieving up to 78% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Testing carried out by an independent laboratory has also provided substantial evidence that Stela performs better than any of its competitors.

Add this to the high energy savings Stela is capable of accomplishing, without using dimming or switching off during the night, that Stela is manufactured using a large proportion of recycled materials, especially steel and aluminium, and will also cut future maintenance costs as Stela has a 100,000 hour service life with a six year cleaning cycle and the reasons for using this extraordinary LED street light far outweigh anything else on the market.

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