“Our track record in delivering great operational performance has built long-term relationships with WRTL. We work together to meet the needs of a low-carbon economy.” Trevor Mummery

Light pollution

Light spillage and light pollution are extremely important issues, not only for the exterior lighting industry but also increasingly in the public domain. 

As a company focused on, and specialising in, exterior lighting Philips WRTL has long recognised its responsibility in achieving absolute precision in the design of reflector systems and lanterns to ensure light pollution that glare and light spillage are minimised.

Pic: The UK from space at night with acknowledgements to BAA CfDS poster (BNSC - DMSP original Data)

Campaign for Dark Skies

We strongly support the objectives of the CfDS in addressing the issue of light trespass. A client of Philips WRTL has recently won the campaign for Dark Skies award using our products. 

Recent innovations such as the directa lens system as used with Stela, enable far greater control of the light source virtually eliminating such problems.

Please see Institution of Lighting Engineers report