“[Stela] LED street lighting will play a leading role in improving the quality of life for all and setting this city apart from all others.” Councillor Timothy Huxtable

White light

Philips ranges of functional and urban lanterns are purposely designed to accept the new white light sources. All major products such as Newcastle, North Tyneside PFI, Staffordshire PFI, Surrey PFI and South Coast PFI incorporated white light as a key requirement.

Surveys of residents in roads where Stela has been installed show that 83% are satisfied with the colour of the LED street light.

At low lighting levels white light produces a response from both types of receptors (rods and cones) in the eye. The brain responds to the signals from the eye and perceives the source as brighter than it otherwise would if white light was not employed. Even though the amount of light is identical, this increase in perceived brightness offers the opportunity to reduce lighting levels when using white light  and therefore save energy.

In addition to energy saving benefits it is also true that people feel safe in an environment where they can perceive colour correctly and distinguish facial features more easily.