Lancashire shine with an energy efficient solution

Progressive-thinking Lancashire County Council were one of the first local authorities in the UK to pledge to meet the Government’s target of reducing CO2 emissions by 30%. As a result they have made a well-publicised commitment to install 6,000 LED street lights, complete with electronic control systems, over the next 12 months.

The luminaire that will make this achievement possible is Stela, a next generation public lighting solution from Indal WRTL that has a 100,000 hour service life, provides more than 40% energy savings and delivers a similar reduction in CO2 emissions.

Stela also supports the Government’s objectives for energy and sustainable consumption by offering a centrally-operated dimming facility that reduces output still further during the early hours of the morning when there is a reduced safety risk.

The decision by Lancashire County Council to swap to LED street lighting will result in a decrease of almost 750,000 kWh in annual energy consumption. Over the service life, this equates to a saving of 18.6 million kWh and 10,000 tonnes of CO2. According to Lancashire County Council, the full 5 year programme of LED introduction, alongside other measures, offers projected savings on energy alone of around £2 million per annum at current prices.

Anthony Stubbs, Managing Director with Indal WRTL, who negotiated the contract, said: “Local authorities recognise that investing in the future is crucial if savings are to be made over the long-term. Lancashire County Council is fortunate to have engineering teams who are making choices that contribute towards significantly reducing emissions and energy waste across the region.”

Date of release: 01 March 2010

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