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Stela LED street lights from Indal WRTL Exterior Lighting have once again hit the headlines when they were recently featured on the BBC 1 Inside Out programme.

The show explored the issues caused in part by sodium and mercury street lights and powerful floodlighting, which prevent populations living close to cities from seeing stars. Eddie Henry, Operations Manager with Southwark Council explained to leading astronomer Dr Chris Riley how Stela LED street lights are helping improve the problem of light pollution in UK cities.

The Campaign for Dark Skies (CfDS), who presented a Good Lighting Award to Indal WRTL for their Midlands M6 Toll Road lighting scheme, is run by the British Astronomical Association (BAA). They state that:

“The starry sky is a site of special scientific interest and an area of outstanding natural beauty: if it can be seen. Light pollution is caused by careless lighting, which floods our skies with the orange glow of street lighting and floodlights.”

Indal WRTL launched Stela in 2008 and echoes the company’s Triple-C philosophy: the client’s freedom to create the right balance between Comfort, Costs and Care. It is manufactured using a large proportion of recycled materials. The low profile aerodynamic housing, for example, is made from 100% recycled aluminium.

Installations of this next generation luminaire across the UK are already contributing toward high energy saving for local authorities and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 68% compared to traditional solutions. This ensures they are on track to exceed UK government CO2 reduction targets for 2035 well ahead of schedule.

On average, Stela installations are saving 109 megawatt hours of energy and 58.5 tonnes of CO2 per month. As the average household consumes a little over 3 megawatt hours of energy per annum, each month these installations are currently saving enough electricity to power 31 homes for a whole year and more are being installed every day.

Life cycle assessments of carbon emissions estimate significant further savings in CO2 due to the virtually maintenance free performance of Stela. These savings come from a reduction in the fuel consumption of maintenance vehicles and through eliminating the need for replacements lamps and control gear.

The response this revolutionary street light has received from residents, electrical contractors, environmentalists and local authorities has been overwhelming and far exceeded any expectations. Resident surveys show that people are delighted with increased safety and personal security levels from street lights that no longer spill into their homes.

Mint Street Park lit with Stela street lights local authorities across the UK have welcomed its lighting performance innovative design, cost saving capability and almost maintenance-free guarantee. It improves people’s quality of life by providing high energy savings without the need to dim or switch off during the night, resulting in safer streets by reducing crime and the fear of crime and improving road safety. Indal are currently the most successful exterior lighting business in Europe at achieving this. There is no doubt that Stela provides the very best standard in street lighting.

Date of release: 02 June 2008

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