“The Stela LED lanterns use significantly less energy than conventional street lights and represent one of the many ways in which Barnsley Council is reducing its carbon footprint.” Councillor Bill Newman


Stela is undoubtedly a major innovative leap forward in public lighting solutions. The technical design and performance makes this LED luminaire a truly ground-breaking yet functional alternative.


Stela’s highly aesthetic design and state-of-the-art functionality offers local authorities, lighting designers, architects and urban designers the inspiration and opportunity to realise a modern and sustainable alternative for city roads, walkways and parks that delivers savings in energy and emissions without the need to compromise.

Stela is the solution you have been searching for. This next generation luminaire produces up to 78% reduction in CO2 emissions and can provide high energy savings without dimming or switching off during the night. Its revolutionary design also means that light pollution is kept to a minimum. Stela is a beautifully crafted product, unobtrusive and unlike anything currently available.

Using Indal’s REVOLED technology, which consists of the very effective DIRECTA lens equipment and the highly efficient COO-LED cooling principle, STELA achieves energy savings of up to 78% in comparison to traditional solutions.

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    The photometric footprint is precise and the control of light spill, light pollution and glare are not ignored in achieving uniform lighting of typical road geometries from 7 to 12 m width at 6 to 8m mounting height. Spacing performance is deliberately designed to suit most existing installations where replacement on a point for point basis is proposed.